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Motivational School Talks

Motivational Veteran Talks and Events

Our motivational speaker has been for the past 8 years touring throughout South Africa speaking at schools educating on the effects of bullying, suicide, self harm as well as the positive psychology about self awareness, emotional resilience, passion and purpose with very successful results. 

She is now in the USA and part of the team visiting schools across the USA motivating kids to become the best version of themselves and that they are not to be defined by their experiences or circumstances. 

Please see our school page on this website for more detail about our speaker and her achievements. 

HOPE is an organization which was established to do exactly what it means, to give Hope to the hopeless. 

With Veteran suicides at 22 veterans per day we support veterans once they return from service to find their new identity away from the military as well as their life purpose. 

We have a passion to support people who have hit rock bottom and struggle to find their way forward. We are fighting the war against veteran suicides with veterans. 


Our speaker is world renown and have been a public speaker for more than 8 years

HOPE believes in using unique therapies as we are all unique individuals.

Having a young teenager approach us after a school talk saying they are a bully wanting to turn their life around or having a suicidal teen reaching out to us is nothing unusual. We have touched lives and will continue to do so. 

If you are needing to be motivated or inspired or whether your team at work need an attitude adjustment, we are the people to help you achieve that.